We supply you with a nucleus colony of bees. This is a small colony which will grow into a full size colony. We will provide you with a hive n which we will install the nucleus colony for you. Throughout the year we will provide food for the bees if they need it. We will manage the colony to keep it at its best. If the bees have made enough honey to allow us to take some, we harvest, bottle and supply you with your very own delicious honey.


Why not give your staff or customers some of your golden honey. Designer honey! Choose your container, design your label, put on your own logo. We can even gift box your honey as an ideal gift or thank you .


You'll get loads of input throughout the year to share on you media profiles and blogs. Why not invite your customers or staff to see what goes on in the hive with a personal tour. Spreading the word about your achievements is a great way to get other messages across. Everyone will love the documented progress. We can supply you with interesting facts aboutthe bees, such as, "Did you know bees have 5 eyes?" or tell you what plants your bees are feeding on. Different plants makes the honey taste different. All this content will keep you customers hooked into you and your bees.