Why not promote your business with Bees?

What can they do for your business? Easy…

Currently, bees have a massive presence in the media. Everyone has heard about the decline in bee numbers and how important bees are to us. By aligning your business with the bees, you have access to all the great positives of being friends with the bees.

What else can the bees do for you?

Demonstrate your company has an awareness of environmental impact.
Demonstrate your commitment to the environment.
Show everyone you care about the future of the bees.
Increase your green credentials.
Associating your brand with environmental positives.
Sustainability commitment. 

So how do you do this?

We supply, set up, raise and grow your hive. Harvest the crop, we will even bottle and package with your very own label. Use our expertise to look after the bees for you.
Every step of the way we can photograph and write a blog which you can use and publish through your own media outlets. If you have a special development you wish to share, bring us in on it, we'll happily celebrate with you.
Share your positives through social media. We will document the bees progress both good and bad (the bad can highlight problems bees face, you can use this to highlight your commitment to our natural environment.) No such thing as bad press.
Bees are such high profile currently, everyone loves bees and everyone will love your commitment to the natural world. Its a sustainable way to get in touch with nature.

Share the good vibes, share the honey with customers or your staff.

Whether you promote the bees on your property if its suitable or allow us the find a suitable location for your bees.

Why not let us paint the hive with your corporate colours, you could even put your logo on it, great for those feel good posts.

How does this help my business?

100% Tax deductible.
Your Hive branded and wrapped with your logo.
Exclusive hive site filming for unique publication and promotion.
Your colony fully managed.
Honey, labelled, branded and delivered to your door.

Everyone has heard the bees are under threat. Everyone can help the bees, BUT not all businesses can demonstrate they are doing so.